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Loose Tea 340 gives you the pleasure of snobbery because you can savor a unique mixture of top grade leaves, grown on the most famous tea gardens selected by experts, that create a rich and aromatic infusion. Concluding with a delicious and wholesome flavor it’s the right beverage to aid you in feeling spirited and nourished.

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Loose tea tells a story with each sip of 340 brought together with the finest tea leaves picked from world class tea gardens. This infusion combines the traditional wisdom of creating tea as well as the modern production techniques, making this one of the best teas with a heavy taste and an alluring aroma.

The Loose Tea 340 in our brand consists of the best-quality tea leaves, each cup of which is perfectly combined of strength and smoothness. The beans are subjected to an elaborate stage of withering, hulling, oxidation and drying to be conserved their existing flavors and properties.

With Loose Tea infusion done, you will enjoy a fascinating drink with a uniquely attractive brown gold color and a very enticing aroma. The flavor complexity comes with a prominent malt flavor with a bit of sweetness and floral pinches. It thereby ensures that the tea can be savored as it is or with a bit of milk and a tiny extra sweetness to treat yourself with a warm and cozy sensation.

The tea bag Loose Tea 340 is abundant in antioxidants and polyphenols, which have both a deepening flavor and a health-promoting effect. A steady acid intake of this tea can in the long run will help in overall improvement and vitality.

Whether it is the beginning of the day and your first sip as refreshing drink, or the time of evening, and the satisfaction and flavor you get when enjoying a cup of Loose

340 will be sure to brighten up your mood and do good for your senses.


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