Tea Packing Design


The Tea Packing Design from Zircon is a stylish, multi-functional wrapping option, which is not only looks nice aesthetically but teeming with usability. It is airtight sealed to keep your tea fresh, made of high quality to enhance longevity, and with beautiful designs so to give the most beautiful display. The teabag designs contain information about the Tea Blend and the various size options as well, so they accommodate different preferences and suit different use situations. The packaged format is easy to use, environmentally friendly, and provides a special experience of customized tea drinking at home, by gifting the boxes or at the retail store.

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Tea Packing Design

The Zircon Tea Pack Design perfectly fuses practicality and beauty, allowing for the comfort in knowing that the quality of your tea remains unchanged over time, while its visual appeal satisfies your senses. Sculpted with accuracy which is made to make the whole tea drinking experience a unique one which starts from the 1st instant you encounter with it!


Airtight Seal: Our packaging is specially made to give their tea an air tight seal, keeping it fresh and tasting great a long time.

Material Quality: The pack is made up of strong and the best quality materials that gives the product a longer period of protection by covering it against the external agents such as light, air or water.

Visual Appeal: The label comprises colorful stripes, complex pattern, and clean fonts that makes it easily noticeable on the shelves of seller stores or in your pantry.

Informational: In every pack we contain the information that tells you about the tea blend, where it comes from, its size, caffeine content and attractive aroma to help you choose a pack that is suited to your personal preferences.

Variety: The package is packable in numerous sizes to appeal to different numbers of tea, which gives the individual the choice be it a lone user or a consumer with a huge number of family members to cater for.

Sustainability: Zircon is adopting a culture of environmental protection, and the packaging is environmentally friendly, it uses recyclable materials; therefore and minimize the environmental impact.


Tea Packing Design is one of my favorite openings, as it has a delightful sensory appeal. The fragrance of freshly made tea is on you as you detach the luggage and disguise the thought a tasteless end experience of tea drinking. The product is cleverly designed and it can easily be used with resealable closures to preserve the freshness of after-use.


This tea packaging can be used either as a tea savor of casual tea drinker and also it can be used at your home, as a gift or retail purposes. Its graceful design allows it to be presented as a gift for tea lovers while at the same time its functionality is of course very important to those who are tea hobbyists but at the same time always strive to find something that is some kind of special for them.


In essence, the Zircon Tea Packaging is synthesis of function, beauty, and sustainability, bringing your tea drinking hitherto and elevating your cup. This brand stands out due to its consideration for the small stuff like carefulness in design, quality materials used, and also its user-friendly features, the tea guide makes every cup a pleasurable experience from start to finish.



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