Tea Company in Bheemunipatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Tea Company in Bheemunipatnam


In the quaint town of Bheemunipatnam, nestled along the coast of Andhra Pradesh, the Zircon Tea Company weaves a tale of tea excellence. More than a producer, it’s a custodian of exceptional teas, each cup a journey through tradition and craft.

From Leaf to Cup: A Symphony of Flavours

In the lush tea gardens of Bheemunipatnam, tea leaves are nurtured to perfection. From pluck to cup, Zircon Tea Company ensures that every blend carries the essence of Andhra Pradesh’s natural bounty.

Nature’s Bounty, Crafted into Every Cup

Here, amidst the rustling leaves and sea-kissed breeze, nature’s elements converge. Zircon’s teas are a testament to the artistry of earth, water, and sun, encapsulated in every leaf.

Empowering Communities, Enriching Lives

Beyond tea, Zircon Tea Company empowers the communities it serves. Through sustainable practises and community initiatives, it forges a legacy of positive impact.

Embark on a Journey of Taste and Tradition

A visit to Zircon Tea Company is a voyage through tea’s diverse terroirs. From robust infusions to delicate brews, the choices are as boundless as the horizon.

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1. What makes Zircon Tea Company’s teas special? Zircon’s teas are crafted with precision and passion, ensuring that each blend is a unique experience.

2. How does Zircon Tea Company contribute to sustainability? Sustainability is at the heart of their operations. Their practises ensure a healthier planet with every cup.

3. Can I visit the tea gardens in Bheemunipatnam? While direct visits may be limited, the essence of the gardens permeates every sip.

4. Does Zircon Tea Company offer specialised tea blends? Certainly! Their dedication to innovation leads to the creation of distinctive combinations for memorable tea moments.

5. Where can I purchase Zircon Tea Company’s teas? Experience their exceptional teas on their official website or through select retailers.

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Elevate your tea experience with Zircon Tea Company. Explore their exquisite blends and immerse yourself in the world of fine teas. For inquiries and orders, visit Zircon Tea Company or contact them at info@zirconshop.in. You can also reach them at 9499347308.

Indulge in the essence of fine tea with Zircon Tea Company, a leading tea manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor in Bheemunipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Subscribe to their YouTube channel – Zircon Blogs for more insights into the world of tea.