Tea Company in Narasapuram, Andhra Pradesh

Tea Company in Narasapuram


In the heart of Narasapuram, Andhra Pradesh, the Zircon Tea Company stands as a beacon of tea-making excellence. More than just manufacturers, we are craftsmen, curating every blend with unparalleled care. Join us on a journey to discover the world of tea in its purest form.

The Zircon Legacy: Pioneers in Tea Craftsmanship

At Zircon, tea is a heritage, not just a beverage. Our skilled blenders and artisans devote themselves to perfecting each blend, ensuring every cup tells a story of quality.

From Nature’s Bounty: The Zircon Tea Garden Experience

Our voyage starts amidst the lush tea gardens, where leaves are nurtured, handpicked, and sun-dried. This meticulous process ensures that every cup carries the purest essence of nature.

Zircon Tea Company: Leading the Tea Renaissance

Zircon Tea Company proudly leads as Narasapuram’s premier tea manufacturer and brand. Our teas grace homes, hotels, and cafes, offering an experience of unparalleled richness and flavour.

Spreading the Tea Essence: Tea Exports by Zircon

As tea exporters, we share the essence of Andhra Pradesh’s tea culture with the world. From Narasapuram to every corner of the globe, Zircon teas are ambassadors of tradition and quality.

Join the Zircon Family: Franchise Opportunities

For those who share our passion for tea, Zircon offers franchise opportunities. Be part of a legacy that transcends borders and cultures, one cup at a time.

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1. What distinguishes Zircon Tea Company from other tea manufacturers? Our unwavering commitment to quality, combined with a legacy of tea-making excellence, defines Zircon Tea Company.

2. How can I explore and purchase Zircon’s range of teas? Visit our website at zirconshop.in for a curated selection of our finest teas.

3. Can I be a part of the Zircon Tea family through a franchise? Absolutely! Explore franchise opportunities with us and embark on a journey into the world of tea.

4. Where can I find Zircon Tea Company in Narasapuram, Andhra Pradesh? Reach out to us at info@zirconshop.in or call 9499347308 for any inquiries or to visit our tea haven.

5. What can I expect from Zircon’s YouTube channel, Zircon Blogs? Dive into the world of tea with insights, tips, and stories. Subscribe now to Zircon Blogs for your regular dose of tea inspiration.

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Immerse yourself in the legacy of the Zircon Tea Company. Visit our website at zirconshop.in and subscribe to our YouTube channel, Zircon Blogs, for a deeper connection with the art of tea-making. For inquiries and orders, reach out to us at info@zirconshop.in or call 9499347308.

Experience the richness of Narasapuram’s tea culture with Zircon Tea Company, where every cup is a testament to tradition and quality.