What is CTC Tea Grades

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What is CTC Tea Grades

CTC tea grades are used in tea blending and packaging for various grades of decaffeinated, processed teas, also referred to as Crush, Tear, Curl (CTC). Every kind has its own designations by grade, mainly the dimension and quality of the tea leaves. Here’s a breakdown of commonly used CTC tea grades: Here’s a breakdown of commonly used CTC tea grades:

BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe): In the next level of the compost heap there is a fine grade with many smaller broken leaves and leaf tips. BOP teas will give you the kick you need with a strong flavor that is known to be a key component of tea blending.

BOPSM (Broken Orange Pekoe Souchong Mix): Mix given larger into pieces (Pekoe) and small sf (Souchong). A tea drinker can obtain some depth of flavor from our teas and we are versatile for various recipes of tea combinations.

BP (Broken Pekoe): These are torn and crumpled but together they make a class bold and strong cuppa. BP teas supply a strong infuse of tea which are usually blended to give more taste, color and flavor combination.

OF (Orange Fanning’s): This is a form of tea that consists of minute, whole tea leaves that produces strong and solid cup at a faster rate. Basically, OF grades could be found in tea bags or instant.

PD (Pekoe Dust): These grades are not totally different from particles, dust, and microbes from tea leaves. PD (Pu Erh) teas brew up fast and are generally quite strong and brisk with a unique chao alkaline taste especially in tea bags and tea blends.

DUST: Finger tip size particles of tea made from the finest part of the leaf better than those called ‘Pekoe Dust’. With higher dust grades of tea leaves, infusion occurs very quickly and thereby offers a sharp and strong taste mainly for tea bags and masala chai blends.

Every CTC tea grade incorporates specific distinctive features as well as characteristics of brewing, which allows blend makers to create a broad spectrum of assortments of various tastes and specifies of markets.

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