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Zircon Loose Tea 180 offers a harmonious blend of orthodox and CTC tea leaves, resulting in a robust, full-bodied brew with hints of malt, earthiness, and floral sweetness. Perfect for a satisfying cup any time of day.

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Zircon 180 Loose Tea is a brilliant blend of custom-made and CTC tea leaves steeped superbly together to deliver a profound and impressive sensation that is all-encompassing and pleasing. This specialty tea blend is especially known for its dense amber color, strong fragrance, and rich flavors, so it is primarily appreciated by tea lovers who prefer to enjoy themselves this way any time.

The tea leaves are sourced from financial tea plantations for an outstanding grade and freshness in every batch. CT coffee with its pronounced but mellow flavor and orthodox Turkish coffee leaves’ rounded body create an amazing synergy, making a tea with a complex and round body and a rather rich flavor.

A minute after the Zircon Loose Tea 180 brewing sends its liquor into the atmosphere revealing its colorful soul with a spellbound aroma that leaves the air full of malty and soil notes and is accompanied by floral flowers’ sweetness. The differentiation of the taste occurs in a profound and biting way that nevertheless incorporates caramel and spice relaxions, creating the complexity in every sip taken.

This tea is very diverse and it can be drunk plain or with a little bit of milk and sugar or honey if you prefer them that way. Its strong characteristic turns out to be one of the best reasons for mornings, in which, apart from vital and sharpening the mind, it can be used as a welcome tea during the afternoon breaks as well.

Apart from producing exclusively with ethically sourced ingredients, this black tea is protected in a secure and airtight container to preserve its freshness and aroma. Either brewed hot or served chilled, the high quality and amazing taste of this beverage make it something that will satisfy tea lovers’ senses and create an exceptional tea drinking experience.


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