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Zircon Loose Tea 220 offers a harmonious blend of floral and earthy notes, crafted from premium tea leaves for a rich and satisfying brew.

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Zircon ’220 Tea – Tightly-woven, the flavor makes the palate tremble with pleasure and revives the senses. Careful selection of this delicious tea blend ensures that enjoy that every sip is truly pleasant.

Highlighting this blend as its core ingredient are the best tea leaves that were picked in a single estate, which gives a guarantee of freshness and quality for each cup of tea. The procedure of leaf processing wisely gives the natural aroma, and flavor, thus, the final brew is not only distinct but also has more deep, smooth, and full body.

Zircon Loose Tea 220 features floral & earthy notes as key elements in its flavor compendium. Each sip will carry with it the light notes of freshly grown flowers, which in turn would be perfectly complemented by the subtle yet also rich undertones of the earth, thereby enhancing the drink’s overall dynamic flavor profile. The purpose of blending varied components is to shape a standardized flavor that will be remembered long after we have finished dinner.

Be it consumed in its hot or glycerin form, Zircon Loose Tea 220 is a guarantee of extreme refreshment and recharged energy. This flexibility allows you to create your own brew to align yourself with your preferred blend, whether you prefer more bite or subtle and light flavors.

Full of anti-oxidants and natural wonderful things, this loose tea has not just made us feel good but also might have the health benefits. It is your comfort food which you could take alone or added to the juiciest crunchy snack or any delicacy you can ever imagine. It is therefore the perfect buddy for those times of relaxation or family and friends’ hang outs.

You will be discovering the art of tea brewing using Zircon Loose Tea 220 and take your tea ritual to a new level of richness and satisfaction.


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