Nawabi Chai

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Zircon Nawabi Chai: Travel to the kingdom of tea and royal pleasure with finest tea leaves Assam CTC, and additional spices that include cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. This tea is fit for a king, with malty richness and spicy warm tones will take a tea drinker to India right away into luxurious royal world of its cooking traditions.

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Zircon Nawabi Chai
An elite zircon tea by my name shows in a glass of tea, each with every sip. This alluring medley of precisely brewed Assam CTC black tea with select high-class spices results in a tea that deserves royalty. The tea was embarked on a journey chasing the courtly tastes of Indian Farmakis; the place where there is India’s rich culinary legacy.

A robust and malty taste distinctive to Assam CTC black tea is the chief flavoring of this Zircon Nawabi Chai, which serves as the base to build the blend. In addition to this apply additionally some carefully chosen spices correspondingly to reach an extra height of superb taste. Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and a dash of nutmeg create a palette of the most melody cocktail that comes from you with every sip.

Art of Chai brewing for Zircon Nawabi Chai resides in the hands of the masters. Add in a small amount of water that is very hot to a glass of baked fruit. Let it sit for a few minutes in order to extract all of the flavors. Set the milk and sugar that you would like at the right amount for a perfectly delightful treat. If it is your first cup of the day or a vehicle that helps to wind down the day this tea will elevate your life to a royal affair.

Zircon Nawabi Chai aroma is really palpable. You can experience how aromatic combination of cinnamon and cloves, and Assam teas is in one cup. The appearance is also convincing. The readily apparent amber hue suggests the tasting of the beverage will be rich and fulfilling.

Experience the splendor of Zircon Nawabi Chai as you savor Nawab royal cuisine with every sip. You are not just drinking a tea, you are welcoming in the rich flavours, the heritage and also you are appreciating the old beauty of the Indian culture.

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