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Orthodox Black Tea presents the beautiful and strong aroma with the picky and cognacs flavor, with the complex mixture of the notes of malt, honey, and some spice and floral undertones. Subtle of handpicked and hand-picked, this is highest of tea quality that will be a good option for any time of the day due to coppery liquor that it brews. Soaked in antioxidants and beneficial substances, it will be the only tea for tea lovers who crave a cup that is not only tasty but also satiating.

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The Orthodox Black Tea 350 is about an ultimate tea blend famed both for its best quality and uplifting taste. Plucked from the elite tea gardens and preferably processed through the traditional procedure, this tea is characterized by the organic taste and smell of the leaves that have not been altered.

Tea leaves for domestic use passed through a thorough verification of quality standards and carefully chosen to get a superior brew. Steeping brings up a bright coppery liquor in color with the rich and the more robust flavor profile. There will be characters of malt and honey coming on the first notice and finally some notes of floral and spice that will create a harmony. This is a full-bodied cup of tea.

Among the many advantages that Orthodox Black Tea 350 offers, its ability to be used in multiple applications makes it a perfect choice for many industries. Whether you like it plain or substantial enough to fill up your mug, the experience of this tea is still something you will find delightful. You can also adjust it the way you want. Its medium potency and its easy on the throat feeling make it your all-time buddy regardless of the time of the day. Comfortably take it every morning of the day.

Similarly, Orthodox Black Tea 350 is much more than a well-known beverage because it sheds the light on favorable component that enhances its health-promoting ability. Black tea is known for its amazing curative properties, whereby drinking it regularly achieves better heart health, improvement of the digestive system and enhanced immunity.

Besides having the amazing taste and health benefits that are provided, this tea is carefully packaged as good as it can be to retain its freshness and quality. Each cup of any of the Orthodox Black Teas 350 is the trip to the world of flavor and health, which makes it a leading drink among your favorite tea beverages. You may be a seasoned tea expert, a novice or a beginner, nevertheless this mixture is ready to impress with its rich taste and fullness of notes.


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