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Tulsi Amrit tea is vacation for your senses, green tea which has the holy basil (Tulsi) added to it. This is the tea that gives off earthy woody notes, with some floral and peppery notes as well, making it a calming experience of ours. This ideal flavor both complements rich desserts like chocolate mousse or goes on a slow-cooked chicken with gravy very well. Like we did during the day, wrap yourself in its light and gentle warmth and read a journal or book to end the day. There are also low-caffeine options to choose from if you wish to have a peaceful ritual.

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Experience a healthy cup of Tulsi Amrit Tea, the must-have green tea that is known for its effectiveness in combating minor ailments. Scented with the specific flavor of Tulsi (Holy basil) involves a pleasant and smooth woody foundation with an additional floral and peppery hit. Tulsi is brewed for its anti-stress and anti-conditional properties and is most often utilized when one requires relaxation or relief from migraines or other ailments.

Liquor Aroma: Grassy greenwood with unmistakable sacred basil aroma.

Appearance: Tangerine-colored infusion.

Taste: It is the very first place where dry wood and the holy basil which brings you a sweet and soothing sensation while the basil is granting you a strong and long lasting flavor from the holy basil. Soft vegetal prospects from the green tea does finally dignify the whole experience.

Complements: Of course, you can make this tea a part of your meal plan when having roasted/grilled chicken, curry or dark chocolate to add the perfect harmony.

Dry Leaf Aroma: Notes of basil, mint, cocoa and cardamom, and sometimes, a very faint scent of cedar emerged.

Appearance (Dry Leaf): Green tea (with holy basil leaves).

Infusion Aroma: Cosmic flavor, possessing vegetal, cooked cereal notes. Spread the knowledge.

Appearance (Infusion): The mix of small leaves under the color range from green to dark green.

Steeping Notes:

Water Temperature: T = 90°C – 100°C

Tea Leaves:  1.75 tsp / 2g

Steeping Time: 4 minutes

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Condiments: Impart lemon flavor for enhanced aroma and taste or taste it plain.

Time of Day: Ideal for several seniors gathering to unwind in the evening at their home.

Caffeine Content: Low

Best Consumed: Hot showers not only for cooling and spa like relaxation feeling.

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