Best Selling Tea Grades

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Best Selling Tea Grades

Best Selling Tea Grades

Consuming tea is a popular activity in the markets and it is based solely on consumer demand and the particularities of different brand. Nonetheless, grades which happen to have enough similarity to be used on many occasions, good flavor, and versatileness are the most famous. Here’s a brief overview of some common tea grades and their attributes: Here’s a brief overview of some common tea grades and their attributes:

BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe):

Although bean variety and processing condition affect their flavor, BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) is particularly loved for its maltiness, briskness, and quick infusion.

It is common among tea bag brands, blends and the ones meant for stronger and very flavorful cups of tea.

BOPSM (Broken Orange Pekoe Small Leaf):BOPSM (Broken Orange Pekoe Small Leaf):

BOPSM differs from BOP since the former type includes smaller leaf particle size which makes brew time less and the taste is strong which is different from other types.

It is also one of the popular beverages worldwide and is mostly in tea bags, blends, as well as the to make tea.

BP (Broken Pekoe):

I see the difference in BP& BOP as particles of larger leaves compared to those in BOP, offering a delicate taste and an enabling a smoother tea brewing.

The usual drinking choice shall be the one that can strike a balance between the two and that can go well with both black and matching teas.

OF (Orange Fannings):

Among all the levels of tea grass, OF grade is considered the finest of all. The high level of the finer leaf particle makes this tea ideal for quick brewing and very rich flavor. The flavor, moreover, is quite exceptional.

It’s the most utilized type across all tea bags, blends, and for making a strong, partially fermented, and full-bodied tea with a bold taste.

Best Selling Tea Grades

PD (Pekoe Dust):

PD grade has its thin layer of dust and fine powder, which stands for a more powerful, brew that has more distinct and sharper taste and color.

It typically has a weightier body and is popularly employed for tea in bags and for making strong breakfast teas or masala chai mixes.


Dust grade, of course, gives you the finest particles to provide the most vigorous steeping, where you can enjoy the most potent flavor, among the rest of the group, while having the most colorful brew.

It is primarily used to make a strong, robust tea bag or in blend with another type of teas.

The best selling grades can and need to be customized based on regional taste preferences, trends in the world market for tea and the purpose for which the tea will be used (e.g. a loose-leaf blend or tea bags). It is important for tea business to note that the target market is the basic consumer consideration as it helps them in popularizing a particular grade of tea which would give the best market value as well as consumer satisfaction.

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