Mumbai Cutting Chai

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Enjoy the Mumbai street life with the cut chai from Zircon, a known brand. The mix of CTC black tea from Assam with spicey flavors of cardamon, ginger with fresh fennel is perfect for late evening tea when you want to savor the rich aroma with every sip. It goes perfectly well with with milk and sugar, anyone can have it at any time of day and it’s a deliciously thrilling treat.

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Zircon Mumbai Cutting Chai

Be absolutely transported to the bright pavements of India’s streets by Zircon Mumbai Sliced Chai. This is a wonderful combination of strong Assam CTC tea and a mixture of spices such as cardamom, ginger blade, and incomest of fennel. Therefore comes a flavorful mixture of tea leaves, milk, and spices; this cup of chai epitomizes the very soul of Indian tea culture.

Key Features:

Exotic Spice Blend: Carry on the deliciousness of cardamom, ginger, & fennel in the right proportion: an orchestra of distinctive tastes left in your mouth with every gulping

Assam CTC Base: With the rich and strong Assam CTC black tea constituting the agency of this chai, the spices take the blend to a new level of use of flavors.

Indulgent Experience: Just squeeze a little milk and add tiny amount of sugar, Zircon Mumbai cutting chai turns into a Parton and sweet drink that can be enjoyed at any time.

Intense Aroma: The most distinct aroma of cardamom, ginger, and fennel does the pouring. This is an indication for the journey of senses about to begin.

Versatile: Whether you have it plain or prefer it with some extra sugary, Zircon Mumbai Cutting Chai is suggested by its name and versatile as you could have it either plain or sweet to suit your personal taste preferences.


Energy Boost: Being quick with the Assam tea infusion and the stimulating spices for such start of the day can make your natural energy.

Digestive Aid: The digital mixtures of spices in the Mumbai cutting chai are famed for their digestion features, i.e., the ability to digest food after meals.

Cultural Delight: Immersing yourself in the licensed tastes and aroma of Mumbai’s market streets with every cup of authentic chia is what you should try.


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Enjoy the Zircon Mumbai Cutting Chai, where you get from the aroma and flavors of sloshing in your cup, the excitement of Mumbai’s streets.

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