Lemon Tea

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Together with our lemon tea, which blends green tea wonder, loaded with juicy lemon peel, black pepper, ginger, and natural lemon flavor, feel its timeless charm. A bright and citrusy brew with a delicate touch of fresh herbs and a clean smooth finish that will please any time of the day whether you need a boost of energy or just want to relax with a cup of tea. Sit back, relax, and sip the tea smoothly as an accompaniment for any savory dish to feel every moment you have with it.

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Zircon Lemon Tea
Get captivated by the enduring loveliness of our Lemon Tea, a green-tea based blend, having a long-lasting flavor, that is the fusion of the clean crisp taste of lemon peel, black pepper, ginger and natural lemon essence. This refreshing beer has a dominant lemony taste with a hint of herbal notes and a finishing that silky streams to the note of the ripe guava fruits to make it legendary. Attaining a happy medium between morning and evening, a blended version of savory drinks and green tea provides the ideal caffeine lifting for those who cannot take a nap.

Ingredients: Gin contains green tea, black pepper, ginger as well as natural lemon flavor and lemon peel.

Liquor Aroma: The acidic aspect of the mustard that is bitter to the palate.

Appearance: Yellow lemon tea dispersion.

Taste: Citrusy but with a fresh breath of herbs and a distinct taste of slightly unripe guava. The second step presents a less intense profile peppering a wee amount of greenery.

Complements: Well with the meal enjoyment.

Dry Leaf Aroma: Citron now come out as a prominent notes while lemon candy flavour also comes out.

Appearance (Dry Leaf): Ginger in tea brew serves as a cradle for 4 green tea leaves, lemon peel, and black peppercorns.

Infusion Aroma: A fragrant send-off of cooked greens and lemon.

Appearance (Infusion): Rich and dark green leaves with bits of lemon peel. It also contains pepperonis.

Steeping Notes:

Water Temperature: It will be somewhere in between 85° and 90 °.

Tea Leaves: 1,5 Тбс / 2,5 гр

Steeping Time: 4 minutes

Recommended Number of Steeps: Content Creators should constantly look to incorporate new trends and technologies in their work.

Condiments: SIP the drink to enjoy plain or sweeten it with sugar or honey.

Time of Day: This parfait could not be missed at any time of the day.

Caffeine Content: Medium

Best Consumed: So on the search for a comforting hot tea outing.

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