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Indulge in the luxury of Zircon Hotel Special Tea, a premium blend crafted with the finest tea leaves for a rich and satisfying flavor. Expertly selected and meticulously blended, this tea offers a harmonious balance of robustness and delicate notes, perfect for any tea connoisseur. Elevate your tea-drinking experience with Zircon Hotel Special Tea, ideal for both personal enjoyment and hospitality settings.

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Zircon Hotel Special Tea

Let us experience the unique taste of the Hotel Special Tea, a high-grade blend that is chosen by those who appreciate this beverage to the fullest. Coming directly from high-end tea estates, the blend imbues richness and UI welcome the subtlety of a symphony of flavors that would elevate your tea-drinking if it embraces it.

Key Features:

Premium Quality: Tea Special Hotel of our brand is carefully selected from the best supplies for each cup of tea that reveals the harmony of its aromas.

Rich Flavor Profile: Embrace a perfect harmony that takes you on a musical journey, balancing sturdy notes with light resonances, in order to provide a proportional dash of taste and intensity.

Expertly Crafted: The signature formula is a perfect creation of the tea specialists to give you a sophisticated and exceptional tea drinking experience.

Versatile: Whatever flavor you prefer it as, with milk or sugar, warm or cold, is up to Zircon Hotel Special Tea to be consumed as such.

Ideal for Hospitality: This tea has been manufactured to the standards of the hotel industry professionals; so, it is fit for use when serving guests or relaxing by itself.


Premium Tea Leaves

[In case, any other ingredients or flavor are needed; if yes, then]

Brewing Instructions:

Bring water to the necessary temperature using the heat of about 80°C — 85°C which is considered an optimal temperature.

Add one teaspoon Zircon Hotel Special Tea to a cup.

Let steep for 3-5 minutes, as per your specific requirements regarding the strength.

Press through a strainer and enjoy chilled as is, or stir in some milk and sweetener, if you like.

Treat yourself to Zircon Hotel Special Tea that will lift the tea ritual to the highest level. Whether you are just entertaining your guests, or even mirroring a moment by yourself, this blend will leave you to expect another exciting journey, which will be memorable.

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