Tea Stall Special 190 Rs/Kg

Empower yourself not only with the big global brands but with the local charm of traditional tea stalls such as Zircon Tea Stall Special. The combination is in the essence of various bustling markets and lively events, which bring forth the raw character of our tea that is bold and flavorful. Your teeth are wrapped in a soft tea flavor that mixes harmoniously with the spices of bazaars and the streets in motion. Every sip invites you to enter a plane that is alive everywhere. Realize the beauty of tea culture through your every sip, with Zircon Tea Stall Special.

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Establishing the Zircon Tea Stall special, we bow towards the enduring elegance and original tastes of the tea stalls often seen in the lively punches and market streets. Such a refreshing blend gets you the best of brews close to tea stalls traditional to the places, and you can actually enjoy an ultimate experience in tea err, as you are teleported in the hub of lively markets and social gatherings and the local habitats!


High quality tea that were tediously and critically selected to meet and surpass the application standards.

Local spices and herbs just for tea stall has a taste of realness


Sparrow’s Tea Stall is all about the excitement and madness that you find in the the lanes of a lively economy where people love to buy tea and have fun together. Rich with strong taste and original mixture of spices, this tea resembles the strong teas exported from classic tea stalls or places.

Taste Profile:

Try the traditional and well-flavored Zircon Tea Stall Special drink. Taste a combination of heedful spices and herbs and a handful of strong tea notes to have a full bodied and motivating tea experience that refreshes the senses the power.


The essence of Special Zircon Tea Stall is aromatic and inviting, with spices mixed with strong tea aroma that brings about the memories of the active, shopping markets and lively discussions. It really brings to life the scents of the tea stalls whether you drink a pot of it there, or in your own kitchen.

Best Enjoyed:

Experience the Zircon Tea Stall’s specials on the stay true to those moments of camaraderie and collectiveness. You don’t have to be “Friend-ing” around with friends at a gathering or sipping it to recall the past times of a lively street scene. Whatever your mood is, this tea is the perfect choice to create unique experiences.

Steeping Instructions:

For optimum flavor, brew Tea Stall Special in hot water (boil and use accordingly) for 3-5 minutes. Keep in mind on the temperature. Tea should be dunned for full extraction of natural and brave flavors.

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