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Indulge into a tranquil state with Zircon Sweet Home Tea, your own home in a cup, it is overflowing with comfort of a familiar home. Beyond that, this sweet and warmish tea mergers sources of the best premium farm tea with negligible sweetness degree resulting in delightful and potent flavor that makes one to fell like there is just tranquility and nostalgia missing in his/her memory. I bet you’ll love Zircon Sweet Home tea if you’re looking for something to drink while curled up in a cozy moments. Imagine this tea as your main companion during moments like that.

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Encouraged by Zircon, I have now designed The Sweet Home Tea, a tea, that makes everybody feel warm and adapted as at home with every sip. Thus, we created this tea with care and passion in mind, with the purpose of triggering nostalgia and cozy thoughts, and therefore being perfect for times when we are in need of some home comfort and relaxation.


The tea bags voted for unique tea bags are those containing our carefully selected premium tea leaves which soothe the palate.

A light shade of sweetness to bring home the connections to our beloved domain.


Zircon Tea Sweet Home is an ode to the small but pleasing things in life and the warmth and comfort of home. Just like the blend, this tea gives you carefully selected the ingredients, and a gentle touch of sweetness that transforms your stressful moment in peace.

Taste Profile:

Relish in the repossession of Zircon Sweet Home Tea zen flavors by your sweet home. Savour the spectrum of tea notes which is a blend of comfort and sweetness that remains on the palate, giving it the feeling of harmony and happiness.


The aura of Zircon Sweet Home Tea is enticing and soothing, the scent of the warmness and familiarity is breathtaking; I feel as if I am home the comfort. It is just like a soft embrace of letting mom know your safe with every sip.

Best Enjoyed:

Taste Zircon Sweet Home Tea in the tranquil mornings, lazy afternoons, or homey evenings that you enjoy. Enjoy it while lying in your bed or sitting on the sofa, which you always turn to when you need to relax. Add it to your favorite snack or even just appreciate it with no food for some minutes of sheer relaxation.

Steeping Instructions:

The best results will be obtained if Sweet Home Tea is steeped in medium or in a desired temperature hot water (adjust temperature based on preference) for 3-4 minutes. There is no hurry here, let the tea steep infuse its relaxing aroma and blending flavors.


As for the zircon sweating tea, it is also packaged in the way that resonates its mind-warming spirit. It provides the ideal partner for the wistful musings, thankfulness, and breaths of peace whenever you choose, bringing a bit of your own backyard to where ever you roam.

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