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Embark on a journey of regal indulgence with Zircon Royal Tea. This exquisite blend combines the finest tea leaves from renowned estates with exotic spices and botanicals, creating a majestic taste that exudes luxury. From its captivating aroma to its harmonious flavor profile, every sip of Zircon Royal Tea is a celebration of sophistication and refinement. Elevate your tea experience to royalty with Zircon Royal Tea, the epitome of tea excellence.

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Indulge in the royal feel of tea with Zircon Royal Tea, a blend that gives its royal character to any tea lover who is also a royal. Our pure seamless blend is obtained from select tea gardens, which boast fine quality and vibrant elegance with deep complexity of flavors.


The finest tea leaves from world’s renowned estates is used for the preparation of our blends of tea.

P贵游 ​special plants and rare spices for a kingly brewing


Zircon Royal Tea is for those who are purple as a peacock and who love to impart affluence and refinement to their every move. Every drink is a trip into the world of deluxe where customs are stitched together with high – technology to make an extraordinary tea ritual.

Taste Profile:

Harmonize your happiness by trying the magical blends of Zircon Royal Tea A sip of that tea would bring a smile to your face. The smoothness is wonderfully crafted by the layered spices and botanicals and that brings in the majestic taste of it.


It is the smell of Zircon Royal Tea which causes such a strong desire to taste it. Spices and floral notes, uniting in oneness, tell us about patterns of life in Indian royal courts. It’s a wine tasting room that triggers all the senses by creating the setting for an amazing tea touch.

Best Enjoyed:

Apart from the regular day-to-day routine, enjoy Zircon Royal Chai moments when you are celebrating or seeking for an element of sophistication in your day. Have it as a supplement to side pastries, desserts fine or just use it by itself to experience the royal treatment.

Steeping Instructions:

The level of steep should be ideal Time: 3-4 minutes (This can be adjusted according to the taste). The water should be hot (according to the preferences of customers). Make the tea monarch release its scent and taste by letting it infuse completely.


Zircon Royal Tea comes in a royal and luxurios packing that goes well along with its elite nature. It’s exactly what was meant for those blessed souls who indulge in the best and who seek the ultimate tea moment dripping with regalness.

Transform your tea ritual at home into a comfortable palace by Zircon Royal, a tea that reigns only for monarchs and their entourage.

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