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Get a glancing gust refreshment from the Zircon Regular Tea by way of the ages and simplicity. Made from top-quality tea leaves with a hint of black tea, this ancient drink gives you a feeling of adventure while savoring a cup of tea any time of the day. Its evenly smooth texture and even taste and therefore it is the preferred drink for cultivators of tea in search for a traditional tea experience. Experience the tranquility with the sip of the tea everyday with “Zircon Regular Tea”.

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Come the Zircon Regular Tea, the one good tea to know if you are a Chai lover. This traditional recipe is being made by curating tea leaves of high grade, thus offering a familiar taste that nowadays is recognized as a face of true comfort and standing the test of time.


High-quality tea leaves


The Zircon Regular Chai is just one proof that life’s smallest joys include enjoying a pot of freshly prepared cup of Chai. The Chai provides the appropriate balance of sweetness and tartness, giving it a smooth texture giving its consumers this full traditional Chai experience.

Taste Profile:

Get to know the comfort and pleasing taste of Chai Regular, where you will discover the inherent quality of Chai in its fresh tea leaves. It’s a ceaseless Fusion that enables one to make oneself at home by virtually going over a comforting cup of Chai.


The regular and the freshy, yet earthy, tea aroma is very much intensified, calling for the visitor of calmness and extraordinary refreshments.

Best Enjoyed:

Have a Zircon Regular chai at any time you want, especially in the morning either as you are starting your day or as you are winding up in the evening. Combine it with your favored cherished snack type, or just relish it in peace by itself for that few minutes of serenity.

Steeping Instructions:

A perfect taste, produced by the infusion of Regular chai in hot water (adjust temperature according to taste), will be achieved within 3 – 4 minutes. The tea will get enough taste if we keep it inside the cup rather than just tasting a little bit of it.


One of the unique aspects of our Zircon Regular chai is that it is packaged efficiently and in a manner that helps preserve its freshness and taste. This mug is all you need for a morning pick me up or a sentimental gift to a tea lover.

Be at peace with the gentle and pleasant taste of Zircon Regular chai to regain the soul-stirring feeling of having a good cup of Chai.

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