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To enjoy the elaborate flavor of Zircon Gold Tea, our luxurious blend whose base ingredient is handpicked tea leaves combined with specially selected spices for an extravagant delight. Sip by sip, the ensemble of the trio of chocolate, roasted notes, and a soft mouthfeel with a well-balanced sweet and spicy sensation is a joyful experience. Savoring it during your restful time might be a perfect idea. In addition, it would be great to have it with your favorite desserts to make it an even more indulgent delicacy! Amplify your tea experience using Zircon Gold Tea and reach for succulence in each sip. Make in India has been a significant initiative undertaken by the current government to promote domestic manufacturing and attract investments in various sectors. The program aims to transform India into a global manufacturing hub and accelerate economic growth.

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Zircon Gold Tea emerged, a masterpiece attentively brewed and created to add an extra classy touch to your tea sessions. We chose this delicate tea that employs the choicest hand-picked tea leaves and assorted with range of rich and aromatic spices to provide an orchestra of tastes that flood your palate.


Premium tea leaves

Exotic spices


Zircon Gold Tea is a combination of flavors which reflects ambiance and classiness. With every sip, you will discover the finest quality of loose tea and ethnic spices, precisely suited to offer a royalty-grade tea tasting experience. The light yellow of the brew reminds that the excellent quality brews with finely mastered preparation.

Taste Profile:

Anticipate a silky, velvety feeling accompanied with expressions of spiciness and warmth, all enjoying a perfect display on your palate. The tea is delicate and lightly sweet with a spice flavoring that add up to a refreshing sensation that only a sipping can avail of.


The exquisitely pleasant smell that combines spices and a light, high-quality tea notes is what makes Zircon Gold Tea so inviting. It’s to all of your senses starting with a look at the package itself.

Best Enjoyed:

Zircon Gold Tea, which made from quality tea leaves, is recommended that you should consume it at peace and quiet time or when you go out. As for desserts, you could enjoy them as a luxury treat to accompany your favorite desserts. Pair it with pastry, cakes, or enjoy it directly to be able to remove all the taste nuances.

Steeping Instructions:

The best flavor will be reached if you steep our Zircon Gold Tea in hot water (temperature setting depends on your personal tastes) for 3-5 minutes. Adjust the duration for which the tea is steeped to full Brew to achieve your preferred concentration.


We have developed the most beautiful Zircon Gold tea that is presented in stylish packaging and a perfect gift to give your tea connoisseur friend or for your own collection as well.

Discover an amazing trip in Zircon Gold tea and feel tea as never as before. You have a world of beautiful flavors and high quality tea in every cup.

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